Arduino Home Automation Control Board v2.0


To give the user control over their House’s lights and garage. The user can control relays through a website or by push of a button. They can also open or close their garage door, and check to see if it is open or closed. Increase the number of inputs and outputs with use of CD4021 and 74HC595 shift registers.

Add-On Products

This board is designed to work with the following products:
LSB v1.0
WDT - Watchdog Timer v1.0

How it works

The Arduino is programed to get data from web server and put data in web server. The Arduino checks the website to see if lights should be on or off. When the user pushes a button the Arduino updates the server to change the status of that light. Then the Arduino will detect the change and turn the light on or off accordingly based on the web server data.


Since the Arduino reads and sends data to a web server it has a slight delay. The amount of delay is dependent on how fast the connection with the web server is. The slower the connection, the greater the delay.

Design Errors

Channels 3-8 are reversed. Channel order is 1, 2, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3
Stackable Jumpers Not working.
Data Input to CD4021 Chips on wrong pin.
ID Part Qty.
1 74HC595N 2
2 CD4021 2
3 Arduino UNO v3 1
4 RJ45 Jacks 16
5 104u Capacitor 2
6 Piezo Element 1
7 2-Pin Jumpers 6
8 10k Resistors 16
9 2x3-Pin Header 1
10 4-Pin Header 1
11 6-Pin Header 1
12 8-Pin Header 2
13 10-Pin Header 1