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Wireless Arduino Pixel Controller
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Posted: January 14, 2020 @ 07:18 PM
This year I was able to create my own pixel controller for my light show. I created a small matrix and borders for my windows and door. Here is the final product.
Here is a video of a test when I first started on the pixel controller.
I accomplished this using a NodeMCU and 5v pixels. I will make a how to video soon when I have time, but for now here are the instructions on how to setup your controller. NodeMUC and Vixen Lights Download the Arduino Scetch Edit the SSID and Password for your wifi network Setup Arduino IDE to work with esp8266 boards. File -> Preferences -> Additional Boards Manager URLs: Download the esp8266 boards libraries Tools -> Boards Manager -> Search for esp8266 -> Download and Install Download the NeoPixel libraries Tools -> Manage Libraries -> Search for Adafruit NeoPixel -> Download and Install Setup the Port Tools -> Port -> Select the Board's port Select the board Tools -> Boards -> NodeMCU 0.9 (ESP-12 Module) Upload Speed: 921600 CPU Frequency: 80 MHz IwIP Variant: v2 Higher Bandwidth Upload the sketch to the board. Open Tools -> Serial Monitor and take note of the IP address to the board. Open Vixen Setup Display Controllers -> Select Streaming ACN (E1.31) from dropdown. Click add Name your controller Put in how many channels. 3 times the number of pixels Select the new Controller -> right click -> configure Add new destination : this will be the IP address of the board Patch the elements to the controller and your good to go

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